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We wish to share some very valuable resources with you:
Here are some commercial sites that don't qualify for our report but you may find helpful. We have found them to b
e honest and very responsible and  in their respective fields. You may use these sites freely.


Meds India

This fine pharmacy sells many of the prescription drugs that are impossible to get here in the United States without a script, and sells them at deep discount prices. They are very quiet and reliable, and they do not charge any user fees of any kind. You do not need to present your prescription script to them, ever. You can order directly from their website, and they have many years of experience satisfying their customers. We highly recommend Meds India as a safe, secure, and reliable source of high quality FDA approved medications like Soma, Valium, Xanax , and Codeine.

 *  No need to forward your Rx *
 *  Private, discreet and extremely confidential *
 *  Worldwide guaranteed delivery * 
 *  Superb customer support *

If you try them, you will like them.

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This pharmacy specializes in chronic pain medications,
and many more hard to get pain meds.

medication,meds,pain,pain meds,doctors consultation 1stMeds

"1st for online meds"

We are an online pharmacy that specializes in chronic pain medication.

We use only licensed US doctors and pharmacies and medications can be prescribed and shipped within 24-48 hours. You simply call the doctor at the time that suits you and our friendly doctor will prescribe anything that he feels necessary and that is suitable for your condition


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Offshore Prescriptions

Our specialty is providing hard-to-find, FDA-approved prescription drugs at deep discount prices. We are a global company, we can sell many hard-to-find such as vicodin and oxycontin. These items are not visibly listed on the site but can be found through the product Search feature. Our reason for doing this is to not draw unnecessary attention to these items, even though our pharmacies are careful to follow the laws of whatever country the goods are being shipped.

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Diet Prescriptions, Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Online!

Are you looking for weight loss drugs? Do you want the convenience of ordering your diet pills from an online pharmacy? Diet Prescriptions offers you efficiency, confidentiality, and quality. Specializing exclusively in FDA approved weight loss drugs; Physicians at Diet Prescriptions specialize only in weight loss treatments. They are sensitive to the needs of the overweight/obese patient and are dedicated to helping you understand weight loss drug programs, and the different diet pills on the market today including Phentermine and Adipex. Through Diet Prescriptions, you receive a free no-risk medical consultation to find out if you qualify for diet pill treatment. All consultation advice from our physicians is free.

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Brand Name Pharmaceuticals For Less

Euro Pharmacy is one of the most trusted names in the online pharmacy business.
We will serve you well and will comply with all regulations.
Fast and reliable service from USA and Europe. Very discreet shipping and packaging.
We protect your privacy and confidentiality.
No markings on envelopes to indicate content.
Euro Pharmacy ships from Europe, and USA.
FDA - EU Approved Products.
Regular Air Mail and FedEx Service.

We would like to inform you that our deliveries comply with the laws and regulations of the countries from where we ship, all orders are handled by a licensed pharmacy in accordance to local laws and regulations.

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Prescription medication from Canada

First Line Pharmacy is the best Canadian pharmacy for your prescription drug needs offering you:

bullet   Discount prescription drugs from a licensed Canadian pharmacy
bullet   Prescription drug information
bullet   Canadian online pharmacy services
bullet   Generic alternatives for prescription drugs and medication
bullet   Experienced Canadian Pharmacists
bullet   Free phone consultation of your prescription
bullet   Licensed Canadian pharmacists

Our system is easy and safe to use and BEST OF ALL our prices will regularly save you 30 to 50 percent. There are no hidden fees, simply refer to our drug search, for drug prices and shipping costs.

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Cyberpills Medical Services

Cyberpills is an online resource to obtain medical services and treatment safely and efficiently. Cyberpills contracts with physicians and pharmacies that are U.S. licensed and requires them to comply with all applicable state laws. Cyberpills does not prescribe or dispense medications. All prescribing and dispensing will be at the sole discretion of the contracted physician and pharmacy. We are your guaranteed source for FDA approved prescription medications. Brand name drugs shipped confidentially to your door direct from our licensed pharmacy at guaranteed low prices.

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Computer Business Works, Inc.

Have you ever bought those little inkjet cartridges for your inkjet printer?
Do believe the price of those little things?

You know what? Ink is not really that expensive. You can refill those cartridges yourself. I can do it. So can you. You just make a tiny little hole in the cartridge. The instructions show you where, and you fill it up with a syringe. They supply all the tools along with the ink and every thing you will need. This is not rocket science, but you save yourself thirty dollars or more in just 5 minutes work, ten minutes if you are slow. They even have kits for laser printer cartridges. The process is the same but your target is a lot bigger. They will even refill the cartridges for you, if you would like. You will still save money. I highly recommend them. Just click this button, and if you use this code number you will save an extra $2.

Kalvins Toner and Ink:  all of their products are Guaranteed to work or your money back!  

A savings over 50%. Pictures are perfect!

You get 16 refills for $36.95 -- a $300 saving!

Each kit refills up to two cartridges for only $29.95!
FREE , Get the Hole Making Tool free on the Web site!

Not only can you save big money by refilling your ink-jet
cartridges. Colorfast Technology gives archival prints on regular
paper, and with Colorfast Waterproof Photo, prints will last longer
than with other inks!

Use this Discount Code 007007 for $2.00 off your order. When you place your order put this code number 007007 on the order page where it asks for code number. You can use the same code every time you order, indefinitely.

Remember: all of their products are Guaranteed to work or your money back!


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